The Anglican and Episcopalian Church in The Hague

Our ministry team consists of:

Canon Michael Roden – Chaplain (

Revd Chris Nicholls – Honorary assistant chaplain (

Revd Jonathan Halliwell – Deacon

Katherine Fortier – Reader (

Jan Huber – Reader (

Dr. Stuart Griffin – Director of Music (


April Carter and Michel Fortier (


The Chaplaincy Church Council helps the chaplain govern the parish according to the Constitution of the Diocese in Europe and currently consists of the following people:

Name RoleTerm
Carter, April
Archdeaconry Synod Rep
Chandran, Steffi Council member2022-2025
Fortier, Katherine Archdeaconry Synod Rep2023-2026
Fortier, MichelWarden2023-2024
Frettingham, Edmund Council member 2021-2024
Groeneveld, Matthijs Council member 2021-2024
Halliwell, Revd Jonathan Deacon
Hewitt, Xiangji Council member 2023-2026
Muzigo-Morrison, Rosette Diocesan Synod Rep2021-2024
Nicholls, Revd Chris Assistant Chaplain
Roden, Canon Michael Chaplain
Tubbergen-de Muralt, Jeanne Council member2022-2025
Vinas, Medy Treasurer
Zicha, Brandon Council member2023-2026