Church of St. John and St. Philip, The Hague

We look forward to meeting you.

Every week it is lovely to welcome newcomers to our church. If you look around our church on Sunday morning, you are likely to see people from every continent. Some will be students, others will be longer standing members and some will be families with lively children. We love mixed community. We all want to build a peaceful, just and sustainable future. We regularly eat together in order to meet, listen and encourage each other as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus. We look forward to  hearing your story.

Feel free to come along on Sunday or to get in touch. Our door is also open to you if you wish us to help with big life events like baptism or wishing to being married or if you have been bereaved.  Anglicans like to hold a wide-open door. We feel privileged to be approached in times of change and crisis.

I  feel excited to be part of a highly motivated church playing its part in the big task of this city -to strive to be a place of peacebuilding and justice. Our ministry team come from varied disciplines- from diplomacy, psychology, geology, rock and roll and classical singing and teaching classical languages. At its best, this church has always been in the business of holding together diversity. This life has its stresses and strains. Together we are building a spiritual home. It will be good to meet you, to hear about your journey and together build real community and model church life at its best.

Best wishes and prayers
Canon Michael Roden