Church of St. John and St. Philip, The Hague

Jom Hasjoa – Commemoration of Jewish, Roma and Sinti victims of Nazi occupation

This Sunday is the commemoration of Jom Hasjoa (day of destruction) in The Hague, in which the Jewish, Roma and Sinti victims of the Nazi occupation are commemorated. The Hague had the second largest Jewish community in The Netherlands before the Second World War, it is now a fraction of that…

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we have had to plan it slightly differently this year, with very a few people allowed to attend in person. We are however doing a livestream of the commemoration in the Kloosterkerk. It is also possible to lay flowers at the Children’s monument on the Rabbijn Maarsenplein in the centre of town. We are not allowed to do so as a large group, but in small numbers it is allowed. The flyer can be downloaded here.

The livestream link is here. The commemoration starts at 16.00, Sunday April 11, 2021.