The Anglican Church in The Hague

COVID Update

In light of the recent relaxing of COVID-related rules by the Dutch government and in line with advice from the Interchurch government contact group (CIO) we are relaxing the Covid-related protocols, with effect from September 26th, as follows:

We are very glad to be allowed to scrap the registration and symptom check. Churches do not need to use the Corona pass.

Distancing is still advised but no longer mandatory. The hand gel and masks will remain available.
We need to realise that the pandemic is not over yet nor is everyone in church vaccinated.
As some members might still wish to adhere strictly to the 1,5 m we wil be keeping the last few rows as 1,5 meters rows and ask people to keep a sensible distance in the other rows. If the seaters observe people sitting close together they may ask people to move a bit apart unless they are a household.
We usually remain at our seats during our services but we will need to ask the you to refrain from walking about during the sharing of the Peace.
We will still need to behave responsibly when leaving the building: waiting to leave when there is room to go straight out, not to gather at the entranceway chatting, giving others the space they require.
We still refrain from shaking hands.
As we will be keeping windows open you are advised to dress accordingly on chilly days: you can wear your coat, don a scarf and if neccessary: wear a hat, even the men!

Please remember that the general covid guidelines still need to be observed:

  • basic rules: distancing, hand-washing, staying home if you have symptoms
  • alternative gestures replacing handshaking
  • fixed seating within the church, maintaining distance
  • hygiene provision on-site: hand gel, hand-washing facilities, etc.
  • clear walkways to ensure distancing for entry and departure, as well as for toilet facilities

Please behave responsibly towards those who prefer to keep more distance, continue to wear a mask, etc. As a church we welcome all who come through our doors.

Volunteers are even more urgently needed please to fulfil various tasks in and around services. None of the tasks are very onerous provided enough people volunteer but they are becoming too much for the very small group who have been doing these tasks since the beginning of the Covid crisis so please ask to see what you can do to help. 

Now that we are opening up more we also need more volunteers so that we can serve refreshments after services, to name but one humble task.

Please don’t wait until you are asked but if you can help in any we please tell Michael, the churchwardens or the office