The Anglican Church in The Hague

The Chaplaincy Church Council helps the chaplain govern the parish according to the Constitution of the Diocese in Europe and currently consists of the following people:

Council member – elected2019-2022Baan, Anne
Council member – elected2019-2022Bentham, Mary
Council member – elected2020-2023Dowling, Tim
Council member – elected2020-2023Edelen, Fred
Council member – elected2020-2023Wiersum, Carolyn
Archdeaconry Synod Rep, ex officio2020-2023Boyde, Stephanie
Archdeaconry Synod Rep, ex officio2020-2023Carter, April
Archdeaconry Synod Rep, ex officio2020-2023Franssen, Kathy
Diocesan Synod Rep, ex officio2018-2021Muzigo-Morrison, Rosette
Warden, ex officio2019-2020O’Connor, Therese
Warden, ex officio2019-2020Tubbergen, Jeanne
Chaplain, ex officioRoden, Michael