The Anglican Church in The Hague

Many parents choose to bring their babies or children for baptism (christening) so that they can be welcomed into the family of God, and make their first steps as followers of Christ. At the baptism, the parents and godparents make certain promises on behalf of the child, which he or she can then ‘confirm’ later on. To bring a child for baptism is an important step and an opportunity for celebration. It is also a serious undertaking, not to be entered into lightly. As parents and godparents, you will be needing all the help you can get.  This can be done in a baptism preparation meeting with the Chaplain or another member of the clergy who is taking the baptism.  If there is a sufficient number of families who wish to bring their children for baptism, you are invited to attend a few baptism evenings prior to the baptism service.  At these evenings, you will meet with other parents and do some thinking about the meaning of baptism, the context of the baptism service, and the responsibility of bringing up your child in the Christian family.  If you would like to request baptism for your child, please contact the church office. In a service of baptism, a minister will either pour water over the person being baptised or plunge them under it. Water is a powerful symbol to show how Christ washes away a person’s sins and gives them a fresh start. If you have decided to follow Jesus and would like to be baptised, please contact the church office. If you were baptised as a child, and feel ready to make your own Christian commitment, you may like to consider confirmation. Confirmation is a special service in which you confirm the promises made on your behalf at baptism. For more information or to join a confirmation preparation group, please contact the church office.