The Anglican Church in The Hague

SJSP Easter Services

March 29th, Maundy Thursday

  • 19h30 Tenebrae Service and Communion – The word “tenebrae” comes from the Latin meaning “darkness.” The Tenebrae is an ancient Christian Good Friday service that makes use of gradually diminishing light through the extinguishing of candles to symbolize the events of that week from the triumphant Palm Sunday entry through Jesus’ burial. This increasing darkness symbolizes the approaching darkness of Jesus’ death and of hopelessness in the world without God. The service concludes in darkness, sometimes with a final candle, the Christ candle, carried out of the sanctuary, symbolizing the death of Jesus.

March 30th, Good Friday

  • 09h30 All-Age Service (in the hall) – There will be a variety of craft and other activities for the whole family – and a dramatic retelling of the Trial & Crucifixion of Jesus.
  • 12h00 Service of Devotion – 12h00 – 13h00 led by the Ad-hoc Choir – music from Taize, and readings. 13h00 – 14h00 devotions led by Guy and Matt. 14h00 – 15h00 led by the Church Choir – devotions and communion. Please feel free to join us for the whole 3 hours, or for whatever length of time you wish – you can come and go as you please.

March 31st, Easter Eve

  • 20h30 Renewal of Baptismal Vows and Lighting of the Easter Candle – We begin in the hall, and finish in the church – a service of three parts that lasts about 45 minutes.

April 1st, Easter Sunday

  • 08h30 BCP Holy Communion (said)
  • 10h30 Holy Communion (in church)
  • 10h30 Morning Prayer (in the hall) – There will be no children’s or youth groups on Easter Sunday.
  • 17h00 Wellspring Prayer & Praise (in the hall)