The Anglican Church in The Hague

The Chaplaincy Church Council helps the chaplain govern the parish according to the Constitution of the Diocese in Europe and currently consists of the following people:

Andrew Gready (Chaplain)
Marco Doudeijns (Church Warden)
Peggy van Luyn (Church Warden)
[vacant] (Treasurer)
Barry Birch (Honorary Assistant Chaplain – ex-officio member)
Tjeerd Bijl (Member of General Synod – ex-officio member)
Jay Dennett (Archdeaconry Synod Representative)
Jan Huber (Archdeaconry Synod Representative)
Rosette Muzigo-Morrison (Archdeaconry Synod Representative)
Kathy Franssen
Fiona Middelkoop
Therese O’Connor
Zaida Oenema
Jan Pronk
Nancy Rodriguez
Merlene Sorton