The Anglican Church in The Hague


Note: Because of the impact of the corona virus pandemic / COVID-19, the Annual General Meeting of the Chaplaincy of St. John and St. Philip cannot be held as planned and is hereby postponed to a date, still to be determined, but no later than 30th October 2020. Therefore, it is impossible to hold that meeting for the adoption of the financial statements within six months after the end of the 2019 financial year.


1. a) Official Name: The English and American Episcopal Church of St.John & St.Philip

b) Unofficial Names: Church of St.John & St.Philip; Anglicaanse Kerk St Philip and St John; THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND ST JOHN & ST PHILIP THE HAGUE

2. Constitutional position:

Church in the Archdeaconry of North West Europe/Anglicaanse Kerk in Nederland.  It is governed by the ecclesiastical law of the Church of England  and constitution and rules of the Diocese in Europe

3. RSIN: 003490622

4. URL/website address:

5. e-mail address/telephone number: / +31 (0)70 355 5359

6. Visiting address with postal code: Ary van der Spuyweg 1, 2585 JA The Hague

7. Postal address with postal code: Ary van der Spuyweg 1, 2585 JA The Hague

8. Church officers, including council: One Chaplain (currently vacant), one Assistant Curate, two Churchwardens, one Treasurer, three Archdeaconry Representatives, and 9 further councillors.

9. Salaries policy

The church shall have such stipendiary clergy and other ministers as is agreed between the Bishop and the church council. Their stipends shall be determined in accordance with or on the basis of stipulations made by, on behalf or with the concurrence of the Bishop. Neither stipendiary or salaried staff, nor volunteer officers or council members, will receive any remuneration or other financial compensation, however named, in respect of their work in governing the church; and such activities shall not be deemed to establish any claim to tax exemption or tax-exempt payments. Exceptional expenses may be compensated financially only to the maximum nominal amount.


10. Policy plan

The national policy plan is to be found at the website of the Archdeaconry ; the local policy follows here:

We are a friendly international Anglican church with members from more than 40 countries and many Christian denominations. About 1/3 of our members are Dutch although all services are conducted in English. Our worship ranges from traditional to more contemporary and informal in style.

The Chaplaincy may have paid staff and other workers, and also may compensate volunteer workers for their activities to the maximum allowable annual amount.

11. Objectives

In addition to support the policy plan, we support a number of mission projects, both in the Netherlands and overseas. We have long established links with many of these. We support the local foodbank on a regular basis.

12. Activities report

As well as our regular appeals at Harvest and Advent, we had a special appeal this past year for the refugees fleeing across Europe. We have supported a Christian outreach to the sex-workers here in The Hague. Members of the congregation are regularly involved in the local straatpastoraat, providing meals and other support to the homeless. We also support a number of international students who are studying in The Hague – many of these are from Africa.


13. Statement of income & expenses 2018 as approved at the 2019 AGM


  • Donations: €211,968
  • Other income: €30,404


  • Tithing for Mission Partners: €21,197
  • Personnel Cost: €125,615
  • Church Expenses: €7,814
  • Diocesan and Archdeaconary: €18,967
  • Utilities, Maintenance and Property: €55,721
  • General and Admin Expenses: €9,717

14. Statement of intended disbursements in coming year

  • Tithing for Mission Partners: €21,000
  • Personnel Cost: €150,000
  • Church Expenses: €10,000
  • Diocesan and Archdeaconary: €18,000
  • Utilities, Maintenance and Property: €65,000
  • General and Admin Expenses: €13,000